Advantage of an All in One Printer

Advantage of an All in One Printer

Printers have a special place in every office. As in the current world of technologies, an office without a printer is unimaginable. Any office, either private or public, you are sure to see printers somewhere in the corners. Plus, people also like to have printers at home too. Hence, it is pretty hard not to find printers anywhere we go.

Simply, these printing technologies are everywhere. But the most commonly found one is the all-in-one printers. An all-in-one printer is a printer that does multiple functions like copying, printing, scanning, and faxing.

It is a device that saves your office’s space by bringing various functions together. For its multiple performances, it is widely used in most of the offices nowadays.

In this article, we will try to make you aware of an All-in-one printer and its various advantages.

What is an All-In-One Printer?

As its name says, an all-in-one printer is a printing device that does all kinds of office functions from printing, scanning, faxing to photocopying. You can get all of those functions done with the usage of a device.

These all-in-one printers come in varied sizes from small to big; thus, buyers can choose one as their office’s space and needs. Plus, it saves the cost of buying individual scanning, faxing, and photocopying devices. Therefore, an all-in-one printer is quite an advantageous deal and thus preferred by many.

We are listing all of the advantages down in the following heading; read them out:

Advantages of an All In One Printer

Multifunction Device

You already know that an all-in-one printer does multifunctions. In an office, we have to perform tasks like report printing, scanning the hard copies, photocopying the essential files, and faxing to other companies.

If you have an all-in-one printer at your office’s corner, you can do all of those work on the go. Moreover, you can do all the things from one device. So you do not need to move from one place to another for those jobs.

Single Support System

With your mobile, you can print, scan, or fax through an all-in-one printer. And, you can do that from a single support system of the printer. There is no need to use different support centers to perform various functions. Here, one system does facilitate your printing, scanning, and faxing works.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

You do not need to be a tech genius to use an all-in-one printer. Any person who is a little comfortable using technologies can do work on these printers. Thus, you do have to go after a tech hero to operate this device.

Likewise, an all-in-one printer is also easy to maintain and economical. If the printer is not doing the scanning task, one technician can maintain it—no need to call a separate person to fix the machine.

Also, you do not need a unique driver to operate each of the functions; one driver of the whole printer will work for each of the features. Consumables of a printer like toners, papers, and ink will also not be required separately. For all of these reasons, an all-in-one printer is easy to operate and maintain.

Space Saver

You are getting three different machines in one machine and saving space. Otherwise, you would need separate spaces for printing, faxing, scanning, photocopying machines.

But, with all-in-one printers, you are saving some space for other things in your office. This advantage of the printer is a cost-saver for small businesses that have limited working space. Or if you are having one of the printers in your room, you will need little space only.

Cost Saver

An all-in-one or multifunction printer saves lots of money. Firstly, you do need two to three separate machines as you are getting them all at once. That will save a lot of money.

Secondly, it is pretty economical to maintain the machine. You do not have to maintain the different appliances separately; one person can maintain it—likewise, no need to buy drivers for separate devices. Thirdly, as it saves your office space, you do not have to get another room for your office.

Time Saver

If you have to perform two things, printing and scanning, you can do it sequentially without moving a step. That will surely save your time and energy for going to another machine. However, in all in one printer, you will perform several works from one device. For that reason, it is also a time-saving printer.

Energy Saving

The Multifunction Printers can save a considerable lot of energy consumption. As we can do everything from scanning to printing in one device, we’ll consume less energy. We do not have to run two to three devices separately; just one machine can do everything. Moreover, the all-in-one printers are energy efficiently made. Therefore, an all-in-one printer is a great option to save energy and lower energy consumption.