disadvantage of an All in One Printer

Disadvantage of an All in One Printer

An all in one printer is a multifunctional printer that can perform several functions. In this device, we get features like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing in one machine. As for those multifunction features, we can see the usage of this printer in various areas. From home to the office, a printer can be found in multiple places. It comes in varied sizes and workloads; thus, it suits every kind of user.

Yeah, users get various advantages from this device, from space-saving to cost-saving. But just like everything, an all in one printer has some disadvantages too. We have talked about the benefits of these printers in the previous article.

Disadvantages of an All in one printer

Here, we will be talking about some disadvantages of an all in one printer. Let’s start this off.

System Breakdown

This is the biggest disadvantage of a multifunction printer. If a printing system is not working in a multifunction printer, the other functions also do not work. Eventually, we need to fix the breakdown to perform all of the functions. Otherwise, a problem in the printing system affects scanning, faxing, and photocopying systems too. The same is in the cases of breakdowns in other systems. A system breakdown in one part causes the whole printer to stop.

Lack of Quality

As we know, an all in one printer does several functions, and there can be questions about its output quality. Some experts believe that a single-function printer gives better output than multifunction printers. Well, it is a fact. A single-function printer is dedicated to only one task and provides better quality. At the same time, a multi-feature printer does several jobs and may lack needed quality.

Also, we do not get as many features in a multi-feature printer as in a single one. That is, the printer on a single-function printer has more features as compared to multifunction printers.

Difficult to Upgrade

The single-function printers are easy to upgrade when it is needed. However, a multifunction printer is difficult and costly. Let’s say you do not like the scanning feature of an all in one printer; you have to change the whole printer to upgrade it. Whereas, all you need to do in single-function printers is to buy a new one and replace it. That is all. But, it is a lengthy and costly process in the case of these printers.

Limited Colors

Most of the multifunction printers perform functions in only black and white color. Thus, if you want to get a colored print, you do not get such a feature in this printer. You have to go after a colored printer or color multifunction printer for such an output. And that can be a costly investment.

Huge Investment

An all in one printer requires more investment than a single-function printer. It can be a little big investment to the small offices and organizations. Thus, the cost of the device can be a disadvantage to small-scale offices and firms.

At Last

All of the disadvantages of an all in one printer mentioned above are the dark sides of the printer. However, we also have lots of good benefits of having a multifunction printer.

As with everything in this world, the printer also has both advantages and disadvantages. You need to go through both sides and make a decision that suits best for your work and needs.