How to Hide Printer in Home Office

How to Hide Printer in Home Office

A printer makes your work from home relatively easy. You can print right away whenever you need. But a chunky printing machine doesn’t go well with the background of a room; it can look like a mess to your eyes. You cannot ignore the fact that the equipment is good only inside the four walls of an office room but not in the house. And you start to wonder about the ways to hide it.

That is when you search on Google “How to Hide Printer in Home Office” and end up here. Well, you just landed at the right place. You’ll learn about the several smart ways to hide your not-so-good-looking printer inside a room.

We have listed some of the clever ways that are going to work for you; read through the last one:

8 Clever Ways of Hiding a Printer

Inside A Drawer

The drawer is where you can put your printer to make it invisible. When you have nothing to do with the printer, it will be safe there. And whenever you require it will be there for you. Make sure you have a sizable drawer for your printer. If you don’t have any, then you can DIY or buy one.

Get A Wicker Basket

Do you have a Wicker Basket? They can be an excellent place for keeping your bulky printer so near to you yet not so around. For that, you have to cut the basket in both the front and back sides for paper and wires. And that will get a clever place for your printer. You’ll hardly realize that you have been by the printer all the time. Give it a try and let us know!

Fit Inside A Bookshelf

Printers go very well around books, more specifically the colorful ones. The books you have around the printer will make it less likely noticeable by anyone. Even if you are having guests, their eyes will get fetched towards the colorful reads. It is also one perk of being an avid reader.

Use An Eye-Pleasing Dust Cover

Or you can simply buy a cool-looking dust cover for your printer. The artwork and display on that cover will decor the room nicely by hiding the ugly printer. Of course, it is up to you what kind of dust cover you want, hard or soft. But make sure you have a cover that can draw attention.

On A Moveable Cart

When you have no other option except to move the printer physically, a movable cart is a place to keep one on. With a rolling cart, we can move the carriage and the printer somewhere out of our sight and vice versa.

Go For a Wooden Cover

You can hide your printer by building a wooden cover by yourself. It will make you look productive at furniture crafting and the perfect hiding spot for the printer. Once you set up a lid and place it over your printer, the printer will turn into some nice wooden place. And, of course, you can keep some more things on top of that, isn’t that perfect.

Match It With Colors

If you can simply blend a printer with the colorful surrounding of your room, your work is done. The vibrant surrounding will make the printer disappear without actually being faded. So, see for a colorful organizer on which you can keep your printer.

DIY A Place For It In A Desk

You can also create a place for your printer on your desk. However, you need to have an empty area under your desk, and it is not that hard to DIY a place. Also, the printer looks better on a working table than anywhere else. Therefore, if you have some unused space under your desk, make a compartment for the printer. This way, you will have max usage of your desk by building the place.