What is the Best All in One Printer for a Small Business?

What is the Best All in One Printer for a Small Business

A lot of people are lately wondering what is the best all in one printer for a small business to improve their performance. So, what’s it then? All in One printers are the finest and most reliable device for any small or home business to create a wide range of documents and paperwork.

These printers can perform multiple functions at a time, including scanning documents, printing photos, and copying files. They can turn the content into a readable file, bring finesse to the image and provide high-quality prints with no flaws. Multifunctional printers are available both in inkjet technology and laser.

Canon MX922 All In-One Printer
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What is the best all in one printer for a small business?

Out of the various printers available in the market, the finest and top-of-the-range all in one printer for small businesses is Canon Office and Business MX922. It’s the most versatile printer with an excellent user interface and some impressive features.

It automatically prints on the dual side of a paper and even supports borderless printing in black & white or color. Its inbuilt disc tray with HD movie print feature allows users to design and print directly from their custom DVDs and CDs.

The MX922 is compact with a nifty design to place even in a tiny space. It provides fantastic colored print and great quality photos with high precision and complete details. The printer is also able to create duplicate images and documents.


Dimension: 19.4 x 9.1 x 15.6 inches

Weight: 25.70 lbs

Technology: Inkjet

Maximum Media size: 8.5 x 14 inch

Maximum print speed: 15 pages per minute

Resolution: 9600 x 2400 dpi

Ink Cartridge: Black & White

Connectivity: USB

Color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

Printer type: Fax, scan, copy, print

Product description

Canon Office and Business MX922 is the finest multifunctional printer designed to accommodate small businesses and offices. It’s a user-friendly model that does pretty much everything from printing to scanning and copying documents at a low cost per print.

The printer has a solid construction with tons of fantastic features, including a disc tray, auto document feeder, and a setup ink tank. MX922 is customizable, with users free to change settings and control modes for print, scan, and fax.

The printer delivers consistent performance with premium quality photo prints, documents, and text exponentially. The initial ink cartridge provided by the manufacturing company lasts for a while but, once it runs low, the printer will no longer provide the service, so a close eye must be kept on the ink cartridges.

Its fully integrated 35-sheet auto document feeder enables users to scan loads of paperwork at once. Likewise, the auto-duplex print feature helps minimize cost by printing on both sides of a paper. Mac and iOS users will also be able to perform their tasks and print documents via a wireless connection network.

Reasons to buy

  • Large ink cartridges
  • Low-cost per page
  • Diagnose low ink and network connection
  • Prints thin time cards and envelopes

Reasons to avoid

  • Unable to support thick paper sheets
  • Unsteady wireless connectivity
  • Incapable of scanning with canon drivers

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Canon MX922 All In-One Printer


Unlike the printers with antique designs and proper shapes, the Canon Office and Business MX922 are neatly structured. It has extraordinary engineering with a scanner on the top to feed legal size paper and filter the documents. Just underneath it is the glass that helps scan letters and receipts.

The printer is well-constructed and sturdy with improved features to meet the current needs and wants. It’s not too large or flat with top panels and LCD to configure the settings and menu.

Access to individual ink cartridges is effortless on MX922 as it’s right before the eyes of users. It features a large paper tray with an optional output tray and a hidden adapter that helps print photos directly from the cd. The printer is designed small to fit in a little space and transport from one place to another.

Print Speed

Canon Office and Business MX922 is no doubt a powerhouse with a print speed of 15 images per minute. It’s lightning-fast even while printing on both sides of the paper and scanning documents.

The printer is highly efficient and reliable in getting the job done on time. Its bottom-mounted cassette holds up to 250 sheets of paper, while the additional tray can load as many as 20 sheets. This eliminates the stress of loading and unloading the form on the tray and also minimizes extra time.

Simple text or monochrome papers are comparatively slow, with a print speed of 8.5 per minute. Meanwhile, the 4.0 x 6.0 inches borderless photo prints take 21 seconds to deliver the output. Color prints and graphics are as fast as they can get, with a maximum speed of 10 images per minute.


MX922 offers a variety of options to connect the device to the printer and complete the task. Its built-in wireless allows the user to scan from Google Cloud or use a smartphone to print documents by connecting to the available wifi network.

It has a high-speed USB 2.0 that allows users to connect their device to the printer every time they carry out the work or print documents. The cable offers a strong signal with a super-fast connection for data transfer.

With the free PPP apps, users can connect their mobile device to the printer for printing and scanning documents or text. Canon wireless connectivity allows users to print virtually from any Apple device, including iPad, Mac, and iPod via AirPrint.

Canon MX922 All In-One Printer


The ink cartridges made available to fuel the Canon Office and Business MX922 offer high value to users at a price point. They’re inexpensive yet efficient, delivering high-quality images and photos in glossy black and white color. It provides enough ink on the vessel, allowing users to print more pages per cartridge at a low cost.

Mx922 supplies large black ink cartridges for users to print seamless documents and texts without running out of ink. Its five individual ink tanks, including cyan, magenta, and yellow, reduce stiffness and make printing more fun and artistic.

Moreover, it’s powered by Inkjet Printing Technology which guarantees high image color with smooth details. The ink cartridges don’t take much time to warm up and come into operation as soon as the printer is turned on.

Once the ink runs short, users can refill the container and print other paper sheets. Likewise, installing the ink cartridges in the printer is pretty simple, taking just a few seconds.

Printing Quality

MX922 All-in-One printer offers an excellent quality print with fine details and precision. It produces sharp and bright-colored photos and texts out of the printer. The flatbed scanner nicely captures all the items in the document and doesn’t even require it to flip over.

Plain papers are primarily used to print documents on MX922, but it also accepts matte photo paper to yield crisp images. The printer gets proper and authentic photo-quality prints without any dullness or ink stain. It also offers creative filters with fine texture and high accuracy to PDF prints and JPG.


MX922 is a versatile all in one printer that adapts to multiple devices and operating systems. It bonds with Windows and Mac for wireless printing and scanning documents of many paper sizes and shapes.

The printer is compatible with Airprint, which needs no additional software or installation of drivers to print photos, email, business documents, and web pages. It just has to be connected to the same wifi network as the Mac to print copies of documents from any place at any time.

Users can also print from Google Docs, Gmail, Google Chrome, or browse for Mac with the Google Cloud Print. It liberates the works by providing freedom to print from home, office and share it with anyone.

High print resolution

Canon MX922 is proclaimed to deliver professional quality images and borderless photos with a print resolution of up to 9600 x 2400 color dots per inch. It helps get sharp and crisp images with high definition while still maintaining speed. MX922 places dots based on the sheets’ intensity, size, and shapes for high-quality print and amazing photos.


The scanner featured in MX922 is really terrific and high performing with a scan resolution of up to 2400 x 4800 dpi optical. It can scan business documents, legal-size paper, letters, and reports. There’s a scanner on the top with a filter that transforms content into a file for scanning and copying legal size.

Just like that, the flat glass scanner captures small size receipts and letters with high speed and accuracy. It provides strong document support and is extremely user-friendly, even for beginners. In addition, The scanner from MX922 requires low maintenance costs compared to other printers, and it’s easy to clean.

Final Say

Canon Office and Business MX922 is a top of the range all-in-one printer that offers excellent value. It’s worthwhile using the printer in small businesses as it has so many great functions, including scanning, copying, and wireless printing the text and graphic output.

It’s a perfect option for Apple users to perform work at low ink cartridges cost. The best bit of this printer is that it doesn’t require large space and it’s not too noisy. It provides high speed without reducing the quality of a print. MX922 may be slightly pricey than the standard printers, but it’s also quite efficient with fast print speed, affordable ink tank, and high resolution.