What is the Best Canon Pixma all in One Printer?

What is the Best Canon Pixma all in One Printer?

Are you on a hunt to buy a Canon multifunction printer and wondering what the best Canon Pixma all in one printer is? After thoroughly searching, we have selected the one we found is most useful for the users.

Canon is quite a reputed brand in the world of printing and photography. They provide a wide range of catalogs for printers that meet the general needs of businesses and consumers.

Among the various lines, the PIXMA series is quite famous in the markets. They have both laser and inkjet printers using monochrome or color technology found within extensive budget options.

Canon TR8620

What is the Best Canon Pixma all in one Printer?

Canon Pixma printers are a favorite of many for several reasons. The printer gives high-quality photo prints, great scans, and excellent text prints. There is a broad range of selections from this brand, and the best Canon Pixma all in one printer is the TR6820.

Canon Pixma TR8620

Canon Pixma TR8620 is a powerful printer offering several features such as Duplexer, Photo printing, etc., at a low price, but the inks are expensive. It also supports smart home integration with google assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Brand: Canon

Item Dimension: 13.8 x 17.3 x 7.5 inches

Weight: 17.4 lbs

Display: 4.3″ LCD touchscreen

Printer Output: Color

Printer Type: multifunction/ all-in-one

Printing Technology: Inkjet

Features: Scan, Print, Fax, and Copy

Print Media: Plain paper, Glossy photo paper

Print Speed: 15 ipm (black), 10 Ipm (color)

Paper Tray Capacity: 100 Plain sheets or 20 (4x 6) sheets/ 10 (5x 7) photo paper(rear), 100 Plain sheets (front)

Media size: 3.5x 3.5, 4x 6, 5x 5, 5x 7, 7x 10, 8x 10, 8.5x 11, 8.5x 14

Resolution: up to 4800 x 1200 dpi

Ink Cartridge: 5 (cyan, yellow, magenta, and two types of black)

Total number of Nozzles: 4096; 3072 (color), 1024 (black)

Connectivity: Ethernet, wireless, USB, Bluetooth

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Canon Pixma TR8620 printer offers several home office features that provide high image quality and good performance. It is a tremendous overall multifunction printer using inkjet technology.

Though the printer is best for small businesses and home offices, it is also well-suited for students or families. The photo quality is brilliant with lovely detailing and vibrant colors, but the color accuracy is sufficient for casual photo use.

Pixma TR8620 printer features a 20-page automatic document feeder, two paper trays, and a duplexer. The connectivity option supports Bluetooth and is compatible with the Canon Print Inkjet app, which is outstanding.

Unlike other all-in-one printers, the Pixma TR-8620 has 5 Ink cartridges, among which there are two different types of black. One is pigment-based for documents while the other is dye-based for glossy photo print and the remaining three are magenta, yellow, and cyan.

Overall, the TR- 8620 has many offices and home-ready features rolled up in one compact package. It is accessible at a low price, but you will need to pay more for the ink.

Canon TR8620

Reasons to Buy

  • Compact Design
  • Awesome connectivity options
  • 20-sheets automatic document feeder
  • Outstanding photo print quality
  • Makes quick copies

Reasons to Avoid

  • High ink costs
  • No two-sided scans or copies using the ADF
  • Average color accuracy
  • Can not print 2″ x 3″ paper size

Build and Design quality

The Canon TR8620 printer is decently built with excellent design quality. The control panel features a 4.3-inch color display with a responsive touch screen that can move 90 degrees upward.

The entire model is made from plastic, so some parts, such as the scanner lid and output tray, may feel wobbly or flimsy. However, the user can slightly raise the scanner lid to fit standard size books, which later stay up.

It also has an SD card socket at the front panel’s bottom left side, allowing the user to print straight from the memory card. Plus, to change the cartridges, the printer needs to be on itself, which is an easy task to achieve.



The TR8620 is an office-ready printer that is compact in size and easy to use. The overall body measures 7.5 inches (height), 17.3 inches (width), and 13.8 inches (depth) with 17.4 lbs weight.

The official depth ranges about 14.4 inches with paper loaded. If you tilt the rear tray loaded with paper a bit back and extend the output tray with the catch folded forward, the depth increases to 26 inches. Additionally, you can increase the height by an inch if you open ADF for use.


The TR8620 printer features ADF that can automatically feed up to 20 pages a time and supports two-sided printing using a duplexer. In case of a paper jam, users can quickly get it from the rear access point.

The rear paper tray and initial paper cassette can hold up to 100 sheets of plain pages. At the same time, the back tray that also handles photo paper can hold up to 20 sheets.

The printer also features a Hi-speed USB port and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. The users can connect to the network via Ethernet or wifi (supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

The TR8620 printer can save up to 99 fax numbers and a maximum of 250 pages in its memory. It also sends fax through the 33.6 kbps modem.

Display Screen

The Pixma TR8620 printer has a big display screen with touch panels but no physical buttons for functioning except for the power button. The touchscreen is very responsive and offers a built-in menu.

The large LCD touch display makes navigating and viewing the menu at most angles easier. The users can quickly access scan, fax, print, and copy options through the menu.

You can even find instructional tutorial videos online for fixing paper jams and many more. Unfortunately, the display screen is prone to double clicks.

Canon TR8620


The TR8620 printer has an average cartridge complex consisting of two black and three color containers. Usually, the black ink production is deficient and needs frequent replacing, while the color containers are of great value.

The estimated black page yields about 228 prints, while the color page produces 343 images. If you need, there are high-yielding cartridges available as well. Another benefit of this printer is using a third-party container, but it might null your warranty.


The features of the scanner are outstanding, offering ADF, flatbed, and sheetfed scans. The flatbed is used for scanning average-size manuals and books, and it also has an automatic document feeder.

However, the TR8620 lacks duplex scanning, so you need to flip the two-sided documents independently manually. But be aware when opening the top as it is a bit shaky.

The printer also offers integrated fax that is beneficial for the office environment. It has a default scan resolution at 600 DPI that can be boosted to 1200 DPI through the scan gear option using the Canon IJ scan utility app from mobile or computer.

Print Speed

The printing speed of the Canon Pixma TR8620 printer is mediocre. The print pace on plain paper is vaguely faster than average, while the color ones are much slower. It takes a reasonably quiet time to print the first page of black-only documents but takes longer for the following pages.

The printer can print five Page documents in 32.6 sec, i.e., 9.2 ppm, which is shorter than the average 8.8 ppm time. For the six Page color graphics mixed with text, the printer takes 1 min 52 sec (3.2 ppm), which is faster than the average 2 min 13 sec (2.7 ppm).

The most astonishing speed is on glossy photos, which prints letter-sized pictures in just 2 min 4 seconds, half the average time (4 min 3 sec). It can also make dual-sided prints at a pace of 3.1 ppm using the duplexer, while the color dual-side print takes 2.3 ppm.

Copy and Scan Speed

The best office skill provided by the TR8620 printer is quick copying. It can copy colored documents in just 20.5 seconds from the flatbed, which is faster than the average 28.7 sec.

The printer can copy black-only documents in 10.8 sec which is quicker than the 16-sec average time. While using the ADF, it can simulate a five Page document in just 45 seconds.

The printer doesn’t offer auto-duplex copying or scanning for a disadvantage, but it does offer them manually. The on-screen instructions in the LCD are easy to follow that show you ways to orient the document for a proper second scan.

The TR68620 printer features fast scanning for both colored documents and photos. It can scan an 8 By 10 Photo in just 59 seconds and save it in 600 dpi JPEG.

A similar goes for black and white documents saved at 300 dpi by scanning to PDF format. It can scan them at 8.8 sec, which is faster than the average time of 11 seconds.

Print Quality

The Canon Pixma TR8620 offers high-quality prints with texts that are sufficiently dark and clear. Its edges are reasonably sharp, but the letterforms can be sleeker. The color graphics are impressive as well, providing accurate texture and shades.

For glossy prints, it provides high-quality accuracy with sharp details, smooth transition, and natural-looking colors. However, there is mild visibility of the banding in the dark areas.

The overall copy quality is good, too, that it prints the colors and details of the original documents reasonably. It closely resembles the genuine one for graphics, but the text looks a bit uneven around the edge.

Using the ADF, the copied text looked a little more extensive compared to when using the flatbed. The on-screen menu offers to copy but does not control cropping, so that you will depend on the computer and apps.

Cost Per Print

The Pixma TR8620 printer uses five ink cartridges, among which three are color (magenta, cyan, and yellow), and two are different types of black (dye-based and pigment-based).

The pigment ink is used to print documents onto plain paper, while dye ones are used for printing glossy photos. Due to low-priced ink containers, the cost per print is slightly affordable.

Typically, the standard containers cost 8 cents per text while only using pigment-based black ink. Similarly, the mixed color graphics cost 21.9 cents while using the introductory cartridge.

The price of the Black cartridge ranges from about 15.99 USD, while the Colors container costs approximately 39.99 USD. If you Print black only, it will cost you 0.07 USD per print. Likewise, printing color will charge you 0.117 USD/ print, and the photo will be about 0.25 USD per print.

Setup and Connectivity

Setting up the Canon Pixma TR8620 printer is quite simple; you remove a few tapes, install ink cartridges plus paper, and press the power button. Then follow the on-screen instructions, you can continue the further process.

The Connectivity options of this printer are outstanding that include wifi, Ethernet, USB, and Bluetooth. The connections are compatible with Mopria and AirPrint as well, plus it supports SD card prints too.

Final Say

Overall, the Canon Pixma TR8620 printer delivers the best office and home features at a reasonable price. It can make quick copies and prints on the media at a fair speed and also features the fax option. The printer provides fantastic image quality that looks good on glossy or plain paper and gives a fast performance.