what is the best inkjet all in one printer

What is the Best Inkjet All in One Printer?

All in one printer is a revolutionary printer design that combines printing, scanning, and faxing tasks.

Likewise, if anything has changed the quality of printing outputs, that is Inkjet Technology. From colored to black and white printing needs, this technology gives the best result on the papers.

Like you, many printer shoppers look for a printer with an all in one feature and inkjet technology together. Well, you have ended up in the right place.

We are going to answer the most frequently asked question, “What is the best inkjet all in one printer?” here on this blog. Let’s roll in.

What is the Best Inkjet All In One Printer?

You seem pretty excited to read the name, don’t you? Well, for us, it is from the HP family, none other than HP Deskjet 3755 all in one printer.

This small-sized Wi-fi built multifunction smart printer is the winner for us. It has lots of excellent features and performs exceptionally well in comparison to others of its price range.

Most importantly, its design is space-friendly, thus saving enormous space wherever you place it, either at your office or home. Interestingly, the printer is also deemed as the smallest all in one printer in the world.

Therefore, it can be a sound deal for those looking for a small but best inkjet all in one printer.

We have a detailed review of this product on its features down in the blog. Make sure you read that all.

 HP Deskjet 3755

HP DeskJet 3755 Compact All in One Wireless Printer

The world’s smallest All in One printer, HP DeskJet 3755, is a tiny printer that does copy, scanning, and printing works. It is no problem for this device to print a colored or a black print; you’ll get all the jobs done in a short time.

Due to its space, most of the people who have tight space seem to prefer this one. However, it may look like a home printer, but it can fit anywhere, even in your office. If you have a small office with limited space, you’ll save a huge amount of your valuable office space for other things.

As a whole, HP DeskJet 3755 is economical, space-friendly but a little slower than the high-end printers. A must for the home usages and small offices that have low workloads, HP DeskJet 3755 is a good choice.


  • A small size multifunction printer that fits anywhere.
  • Excellent colored printing quality.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Operable from smartphones and tablets.
  • Multiple connectivity options.


  • Light-duty printer.
  • Low-yield cartridges.
  • Lacks auto-duplexer.
  • Low paper capacity.

 HP Deskjet 3755

HP Deskjet 3755 Specification

Brand: HP

Dimensions: 5.6” x 16.9”6.8”

Weight: 2.4 kg(5.4lbs)

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Wireless

Print Speed: Up to 5.5ppm for color and eight ppm for black

First Page Out(Black): 15 sec

First Page Out(Color): 18 sec

Resolution(Black): Equal to 12000 x 1200 rendered dpi

Resolution(Color): Equal to 4800×1200 optimized dpi color

Processor Speed: 360 MHz

Display: 7 segment + LCD icon

Print Technology: Inkjet

Monthly Duty Cycle: Equal to 1000 pages

Number of print cartridges: 2(1 tri-color, 1 black)

Compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Warranty: 1-year hardware warranty

Customer Support: 24x7hrs

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 HP Deskjet 3755

Why Choose HP Deskjet 3755?

Design and Build Quality

The Deskjet 3755, a trendsetter, is famous for its design which is small and compact. If you look at its size, it’s 15.86×6.97×5.55 inches and weighs exactly 2.4kg or 5.4lbs. Moreover, the outer body is built with plastic, and this model is available in three color variants(Electric Blue, Stone, and Seagrass). The paper has to be put through the front mount, which can contain around 60 sheets. And the output tray can hold precisely 25 sheets.

Likewise, you’ll find a compact single-digit LCD(1.1”) that displays all of the required information, from error indications to wireless connections. Quite near to the screen, there are several buttons for basic input commands. The overall technical part is pretty straightforward. If that’s not easy, you can always look out for the guidebook of it.


You’ll get one HP 65 black cartridge and an HP 65 Tricolor cartridge inside this printer. If you have a considerable workload, this printer’s cartridge system may not comfort you well. The system is too slow and has a low print yield in both of the cartridges. Up to 120 pages from the black one and around 100 pages from the colored ones. However, you can always change the cartridges with the new ones having high yields. As said earlier, this printer fits well in houses and offices where the work pressure is low.


Moving to its scanning section, you have a Sheetfed scanner on this device. That means it surely does not have a flatbed scanner. It could be a little upsetting if you were expecting a flatbed scanner. But, the Sheetfed scanner is not that bad; the scanner provides a resolution of 600 DPI and a color depth of 24 bits. And it can work fine if you do not have low bulky items to scan and copy.

Printing Speed

When it comes to printing speed, HP Deskjet 3755 may not impress you. Its printing speed of black-only print documents is only 5 PPM and 3 PPM for color documents. Though this printer looks excellent in your office or house, it makes you wait a little to get prints. Plus, you have to perform manual duplex printing if you have to print duplex documents. But it is an okay printer to have by in the cases of no urgency.

Color Accuracy

Well, it is the best inkjet all in one printer for several reasons. One of them is its immensely satisfying color accuracy. The printing jobs out of this device will be vibrant in color grading. As it belongs to the HP family, you couldn’t ask for better color accuracy than this. So this will be a great companion if you are looking for an all in one printer mainly for color prints.

Photo Printing Quality

As Deskjet 3755 has excellent color accuracy, you could expect the same in its photo printing quality. The printout of this device has good detail and quality. However, there can be slight color variation while printing dark and red colors. Do not worry; that will not create any problem at all. Overall, it will be a superb printer if you have more photo printing works.


The HP Deskjet 3755 provides good connectivity options. You can easily connect the device to your computer through wire or wirelessly via Wifi direct. Alongside, you will access connectivity options like Apple AirPrint and Mopria Print Service. Nevertheless, there is no Bluetooth connection and external storage support in this printer. Other than those two features, you’ll have no hard time in the connectivity part of the printer.

Mobile App

Smartphones and their apps are pretty popular nowadays. To keep that trend up, HP Deskjet 3755 comes with a mobile app. Via this app, HP Smart, you can access the printer from both iOS and Android smartphones. You can do tasks like printing photos, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and Microsoft Office Files with the app. Moreover, you can also scan files and documents from your mobile to the system of the printer. The HP Smart App makes the work a better experience.

The Bottom Line

HP Deskjet 3755, the smallest yet best all in one printer in the market, has bright and dark sides. It may not be the best multifunction printer for big offices and organizations. But it can be a decent buy for the small offices and house works.

As you have read the review, you know it’s slower than other printers, but the quality print it gives is sublime. More importantly, it saves valuable space and allows other things to fit there. It is the best device in its way. But, it is all up to you to decide “which is the best inkjet all in one printer for you.”

Our part here was to inform you about the best printer, and we believe that’s done. Now your part begins from here. Get a printer that will meet your expectations and needs.