Which is the best all in one Wireless Printer?

Which is the best all in one Wireless Printer?

All-in-one printers are made from multiple functionalities, capabilities, and peripherals, mostly great from large and small enterprises. So, wondering which is the best all in one wireless printer?

The best all-in-one printer puts multiple services such as scanning, faxing, copying, and printing in a single, convenient device. You can print a form, scan an old photo, copy assignments from books, or essential fax documents.

A multifunction printer offers more functionality than just printing. These printers are obtainable in both inkjet and laser technology, providing fast, high-quality prints, a simple setup, and more.

Which is the best all in one wireless printer?

Among the various all-in-one wireless printers available in the market, the Brother INKvestment MFC- J995DW is the best one for us. It is a superb overall printer that has a meager ink cost.

Brother INKvestment MFC- J995DW

Brother INKvestment MFC- J995DW is an all-in-one inkjet printer that delivers ink at a very low cost, but printing photos is inconvenient. However, it is a reasonable choice for most tasks.


Brand: Brother

Item Dimension: 7.6 x 13.3 x 17.1 inches

Weight: 19.20 lbs

Display: 2.7″ color touchscreen

Scan Glass size: 8.5″ x 11.7″

Printer Output: Color

Printer Type: all-in-one/ multifunction

Technology: Inkjet

Features: Scan, Print, Fax, and Copy

Print Media: Plain paper

Paper Tray Capacity: 150 sheets

Maximum print speed: 12 pages per minute

Media size: 8.5 x 14 inch

Resolution: 19000

Ink Cartridge: 4 (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black)

Connectivity: Ethernet, 802.11 bgn wireless, USB



The INKvestment MFC- J995DW printer by Brother is multifunctional and designed to be used in home offices and small businesses. This model provides several attributes and high-capacity ink cartridges delivered at a low cost per page.

According to the company, the ink cartridge that comes with the product lasts for about a year. Thus, this INKvestment all-in-one printer is the best found at a very reasonable price.

Given this long-lasting ink production, many users wonder about the paper tray capacity, and it is 150 sheets. But the Duplexer is much more impressive as it enables quick two-sided printing.

However, the 20-sheet auto document feeder and 50-sheet output tray are a bit small for big jobs. Also, the specialty media tray can only handle one sheet at a time.

After considering all the things, the combination of low ink costs and better scanning plus printing makes it the best all-in-one wireless printer.

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Reason to Buy

  • Low cost per page
  • Fast prints of graphics and text
  • Quick copy and scan speeds
  • Good print and output quality
  • USB and SD card thumb drive support
  • Ethernet connectivity

Reasons to Avoid

  • Special media tray only limits to 1-sheet
  • No Bluetooth support
  • Common scans for color-photo
  • Clogged printer heads


The MFC- J995DW printer is well-built with solid plastic and has an impressive design. The printer is adequately wide and tall, but it will require top clearance to open the scanner lid.

The printer is sturdy, and the users can easily reach the ink cartridges from the front. The scanner lid and input tray are also nicely built, but the power cable is not detachable.

As for the Ethernet ports and USB, they are located under the scanner bed inside the printer. Plus, there are hollow paths that show the route to cables toward the back of the printer. However, cord routing can reduce the line by afoot, so if you plan on using the ports, use longer cables.


The Brother INKvestment MFC- J995DW printer is quite tall and wide but it requires clearance on top to open the scanner lid. Its height is 7.6 “/ 19.3 cm, width is 17.1”/ 43.3 cm, and depth is 13.3”/ 33.7 cm. The printer weighs about 18.1 pounds/ 8.2 kg.

Display Screen

The display console is a color touchscreen pinpointed at the front. You can tilt the screen at a 45-degree upward angle for better visibility. However, the touchscreen is small but still provides a good experience.

The screen’s responsiveness works well during the menu selection, and the viewing angles are good as well. Along with the screen, the control panel also has four core functionality buttons like home, return, cancel, and wifi.


The cartridge structure of the J995DW printer is outstanding and features the Brother’s INKvestment system. This attribute lets the cartridge hold more ink per container and print extra at a bit of cost.

The printer holds 4 Cartridges, among which one is black and three are color. The black page yields about 3780 prints, while the color yields 1920 prints. Also, the ink containers are easily reachable from the front so that the users can access them without much hassle.

Third-party ink containers are available in the market, but this printer does not support most of them. So, make sure it works with the Brother’s printer before purchasing them.


The scanning feature of Brother MFC- J995DW is impressive, with excellent color depth (24 bit) and 1200 DPI resolution. The scanning process is great if you have to make large copies or do a few retouching on your photos.

The printer has a flatbed scanning having 8.5″ x 11″ size, sheetfed scans, copy, and fax. It has an automatic document feeder, but it doesn’t support two-sided scanning.

Print Speed

The printing speed of the Brother MFC- J995DW printer is pretty good and quick. With the 150 Sheet tray, it will not disappoint you on home and office duties. You won’t need to fill the tray frequently as it holds enough pages.

The print speed of black and white documents doesn’t differ much between the first and subsequent pages. It prints out a five-page document in 10.3 ppm or 29.1 seconds. Plus, using the Duplexer, the unit is printed at 4 Pages per minute.

The print speed for color graphics and documents is as fast as the black-only records. It can print out a six-page document in just a minute and 13.8 seconds. In other words, it prints out 4.9 pages per minute.

This model is fast by a few seconds that exceeds the average 2.7 ppm mark. Using the Duplexer, it prints out the same document at three pages per minute. Likewise, it reproduces the letter-size glossy photos in 4 minutes 6 seconds.

However, printing from an android phone is a bit slow. It takes a bit of time to print PDF graphics and text documents from the Adobe Acrobat app. Overall, the print speed is excellent for day-to-day use.

Copy and Scan Speed

Like the print speed, the copy and scan tempo are also impressive in this model. The MFC- J995DW printer can make quick copies. It can make a color copy in just 15.1 seconds faster than the average time, i.e., 25.5 seconds.

Similarly, the black and white copy is also fast, which takes about 12.7 seconds to reprint. The speed is quicker than the average time of 15.2 seconds. You can make it more speedy to copy single sides using ADF, which makes seven ppm.

The all-in-one printer also provides a quick scanner that can capture 600 dpi JPEG in just 38.5 sec. The process is much faster than the average time of 1 minute 10 seconds.

Likewise, the scan time on black and white documents is one of the fastest that captures 300 dpi in just 7.4 seconds compared to the average time of 10.5 seconds.

Cost Per Print

The superb function of J995DW is its cost per print, which remains low even when printing large amounts. Brother’s offers high-yield and super high-yield cartridges only for this model.

The black cartridge costs about 32.99 US$, and the printing price ranges about 0.009 US/ print. Likewise, the color container price is around 64.49 US$, and the printing costs about 0.034 cents/ print. As for photo printing, it covers about 0.089 USD/ print.

The high-yield cartridges are estimated to print about 3000 (black) and 1500 (color) pages. Similarly, the color containers are rated to print about 6000 (black) and 5000 (color) pages.

Printing Quality

The MFC- J995DW printer offers an excellent quality print with fair color precision. The text comes out sharp and dark, but it prints slightly lighter when using the Duplexer.

Similarly, graphics with a lot of detail and color come out well saturated and accurate too. The prints from Duplexer look equally stunning when printed as single-sided.

The Glossy photos also print with well-saturated colors, reasonable accuracy, attractive texture, and fine details. For copies, the text and graphics were reproduced in the same high quality.

The graphics also copy as close to the original with accurate color and fine details. Even if converted to black and white, the document prints out with great features.

The scan made to PDF format prints accurately detailed graphics and crisp text. However, the photography scans are less successful and lack contrast plus bright shades.

Color Accuracy

Brother INKvestment MFC- J995DW has an okay color accuracy while printing. Most of the colors are inaccurate and are not recommended in the tasks. So, if color accuracy is important it can be a bit disappointing.


The connectivity options are also suitable for this MFC- J995DW printer. It offers the NFC capability for fast pairing enabling the launch of the Brother app on the smartphone.

The printer also supports external connections from USB and SD cards for printing but doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection available. Using the Mopria app, the users will establish a connection, but it doesn’t perform scans and prints.

This printer is compatible with Brother iPrint&scan app that is easy to use and allows scan, copy, and print for mobile phones. The app supports nearly all formats like Microsoft Office files, photos, web pages, text files, and PDF.


Inside the Box

  • Phone/fax cable
  • 1 x LC3033BKS (Black ink)
  • 1 x LC3033CS (Cyan ink)
  • 1 x LC3033MS (Magenta ink)
  • 1 x LC3033YS (Yellow ink)
  • A user guide
  • Installation CD

Final Words

Brother INKvestment MFC- J995DW printer offers many office-worthy features at an affordable price. This entry-level all-in-one printer is a good mixture of productivity and convenience for home and offices.

The best thing about this model printer is its extremely low ink cost that saves your paper and money. It has an auto-duplex printing function that can print from and scan to different devices.

All functions like copy, scan, and print are high as long as you ignore the photography scans. At the bottom line, the printer is quite effective if you are exclusively working on plain paper.